Freeze Tag is a classic childhood game that has been enjoyed by generations of children. It's a game that is easy to play and requires no equipment, making it the perfect activity for kids of all ages. The game is a fun way to get kids active, and it can be played with just a few players or a large group.

How To Play Freeze Tag?

To play Freeze Tag, you'll need at least three players, but the more, the merrier. The objective of the game is for the person who is "it" to tag as many players as possible and freeze them in place. The other players must then try to unfreeze their frozen teammates. The game ends when all players have been frozen, or the time runs out.

Equipment Required

One of the great things about Freeze Tag is that it requires no equipment at all. All you need is a group of players and some open space to run around in. Unlike other games that require balls or specific equipment, Freeze Tag can be played anywhere, anytime. This makes it an ideal game for children of all ages, as it's easy to organize and doesn't require any expensive gear. So, all you need is your imagination, your friends, and a desire to have fun!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here are the rules on how to play Freeze Tag:

  1. Choose one player to be "it." This player will be the one who does the tagging.
  2. The player who is "it" must then chase the other players around and try to tag them by touching them.
  3. If a player is tagged, they must freeze in place and cannot move until another player unfreezes them by touching them. Players can unfreeze each other by crawling through their legs, tagging them, or any other agreed-upon method.
  4. Once a player has been unfrozen, they can continue playing the game as normal.
  5. The game ends when all players have been frozen, or a predetermined time limit has been reached.
  6. To make the game more challenging, you can add variations such as designating safe zones or allowing players to hide.
  7. If a player intentionally or unintentionally leaves the playing area, they are automatically frozen.
  8. The player who was able to freeze the most players becomes "it" for the next game.

Variations of Freeze Tag

There are many variations of Freeze Tag that can make the game more exciting and challenging. These variations add a new level of excitement to the game and keep it interesting for players who have played traditional Freeze Tag before. Here are a few examples:

TV Tag

In this variation, the player who is "it" must call out the name of a TV show instead of tagging the other players. The other players must then freeze in place and call out the name of a different TV show. If a player cannot think of a TV show, they become frozen.

Shadow Tag

In Shadow Tag, players must freeze when their shadow is stepped on by the player who is "it." They can be unfrozen when another player steps on their shadow.

Chain Tag or Blob Tag

In Chain Tag, the player who is "it" must hold hands with the player they tag, and they become "it" together. They continue to hold hands and tag other players until all players are caught.

Benefits of Playing Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag is an excellent game for kids as it promotes teamwork, physical activity, and social interaction. It's easy to play, requires no equipment, and can be played both indoors and outdoors. Plus, with the many variations you can add, Freeze Tag can be played time and time again without becoming repetitive.


How do you get unfrozen in freeze tag?

Once a player has been frozen, they can be unfrozen when another player crawls through their legs, tags them, or any other agreed-upon method. Some alternative suggestions include shaking hands, sharing favorite foods

How many taggers do you need for a freeze tag?

A minimum of one player is required to be a tagger in a game of freeze tag, but there is no limit.